Application Fields

Fixed/Mobile crane

Telescopics Forklifts

Access Platform

Agricultural Machinery

Elevation Platform

Construction Machinery

Drilling Machinery

Medical Application

Sensor Systems is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of inclinometers, rotary sensors, cable actuated.
Sensor Systems provides custom solutions for a diverse group of industries, including aerospace, medical, industrial, telecommunications, and many more.
Sensor Systems experienced engineering team works with customers to produce high quality, reliable products that meet or exceed all customer requirements.

We develop, produce and sell sensors, control systems and customised electronics for various applications from our headquarters.
We value innovation and know-how above all else.

A wide range of sensors are used throughout the Industrial & Instrumentation market for all types of applications including safety, testing, monitoring, stabilization Whether it is for cars, wheel alignment machines, aerial work platforms, gru, telehandlers, offshore.


  • Truck mounted crane

The sensors are used to measure the stabilizers and the performance of the hydraulic cylinders

  • Telehandlers

In Telehandlers, the angle and the length of the extension in aereal Platforms must be carefully measured

  • Mobile crane

  • Tower cranes

  • Hydraulics and pneumatics.

We developed position transducers suitable for inserting inside of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders for the detection of the piston the position in a continuous manner without external mechanical part.

  • Other Applications

In the field of machinery for the woodworking, glass, and in the field of geological structures monitoring, alignment of rollers in printing industry etc ...